The universe of RUINED HEART is full of sound and music. The inhabitants of this universe, the criminal, the whore, the godfather, the lover and all the other outcasts and loveable freaks and characters are surrounded by sound and music. And for them presence of music is as natural as breathing…. A love story between a criminal and a whore, is somehow like a blues song you have heard many times. The form is familiar, it helps you connect emotionally. The way it’s played or made, that’s where the magic is. Here, to make an emotional film which engages the heart. That is what we want to achieve with RUINED HEART.
We created a never-before-seen cinematic mix tape, a punk opera with music at its very core. And thus music has literally become the blood pumping through the ‘heart’ of the film, an omnipresent force that does not just give it an atmosphere, aura, but that also adds layers of meaning and has a distinctive narrative quality.

There is no comprehensible dialog, no voice-over explaining what is happening on screen. The stunning images filmed by director of photography Chris Doyle speak for themselves and music has been utilized as a sort of narrative voice within the film, telling us the tragic story of the criminal and the whore.


The RUINED HEART main theme, composed by Khavn, is minimalistic, beautiful, and heartbreaking. Khavn has recorded soundtracks and scores for his 4o-plus features and countless shorts. For RUINED HEART he recorded various versions of the RUINED HEART theme on the piano. Based on this, we asked musicians and bands to contribute their own versions of the theme song, breathing life into each frame of the film. The creative output was tremendous and has brought forth interpretations and recompositions that range from folk and soul to drone, punk and pop by musicians such as Scott Matthew, Stereo Total, and Bing Austria and the Flippin Soul Stompers.