“If Peter Greenaway had a heart, than these are the images that he would have created.

“Ecstatic punk-noir-opera.
(Neues Deutschland)

“Strong, rousing, wild-beautiful punk-art. (…) Unique and worth seeing.

„The brilliant Filipino invents a new kind of cinema – in which he composed his triumph from his ruin.“
(Süddeutsche Zeitung)

“Oblique film pearl (…) Associative, abysmal, charming, cool. A somnambulistic, cinematic photo album. For some disturbing, for us a favorite movie.

“But sex and violence aren’t really what this very physical film is about; it comes closer to a joyful, wild and dizzying engagement with fleeting life, which includes moments of tenderness and various moods of love.
(The Hollywood Reporter)

“What Happens When You Take One Of The Most Punkrock Filmmakers On The Planet, Khavn De La Cruz – a filipino lofi maestro who elevates “shambolic” to an art form – and put him together with acclaimed cinematographer Christopher Doyle and japanese acting icon Asano Tadanobu? RUINED HEART happens is what. (