RUINED HEART’s unique score emerged through the collaboration of a diverse group of musicians. While Stereo Total, the berlin-based band known for its playful and eclectic music style (a mix of synthpop, new wave, pop and electronica), contributed tracks that give the film its psychedelic punk-pop-opera-esque quality, the subtle, beautiful melody of singer-songwriter Scott Matthews’ tracks “Carnival” and “Mural” creates a quiet, sentimental undertone. Other contributors include Bing Austria and his band The Flippin’ Soul Stompers, who also perform in the film, as well as the Mabuhay Singers.


Aside from the main theme and the tracks by our collaborators, we have included an eclectic mix of music by various bands and musicians. One of the featured songs is the frantic, passionate “She Said”, by “backwoods surrealist” Hasil Adkins, who is known as the “father of the psychobilly genre”. Another featured track is Buddy Emmons’ ingenious rendition of Pachelbel’s classical masterpiece “Canon in D Major”. Played on the electric steel guitar by this exceptionally talented American artist, the song transcends any type of genre restriction of a classical piece and takes on an indescribably enchanting character of its own.


Soundtrack to be released on limited edition vinyl via Staatsakt on the 27th of March 2015.



Music in order of appearance:

Last Night in Manila
Performed by Stereo Total


Ruined Heart (Tattoo)
Performed by Khavn


Pusong Wasak (Red Curtain)
Performed by Lee Soledad


Coeur Brise
Performed by Stereo Total


Performed by Stereo Total


Performed by Stereo Total


Art Brut
Performed by Stereo Total


Jump In My Beetle
Performed by Stereo Total


Mababa Ang Buwan
Performed by Fando & Lis


Performed by John Holt


Sex Bible
Performed by Stereo Total


Performed by Stereo Total


Warhol Porn
Performed by Stereo Total


Defile fantomatique
Performed by Stereo Total/ Khavn


Ruined Heart (Carnival)
Performed by Scott Matthew


Sois mort et tais-toi
Performed by Stereo Total


Tibok Ng Puso
Performed by Bing Austria & The Flippin’ Soul Stompers


Pusong Wasak (Aria)
Performed by Conching Rosal


Beer Barrel Polka/ Wasak Na Wasak
Performed by the Radioactive Sago Project


Au cemetiere
Performed by Stereo Total


Poursuite infernal
Performed by Stereo Total


Ich lieb sie
Performed by Grauzone


Bakit Mo Ako Pinaluluha
Performed by the Mabuhay Singers


Ruined Heart (Kudyapi Solo)
Performed by Tadanobu Asano


Ruined Heart (Piano Solo)
Performed by Khavn


She Said
Performed by Hasil Adkins


Pachelbel Canon in D Major on Steel Guitar
Performed by Buddy Emmons


Ruined Heart (Requiem)
Performed & arranged by Pete Calzado


Ruined Heart (Pushcart Trio)
Performed by Tadanobu Asano, Khavn, & Andre Puertollano


Ruined Heart (Mural)
Performed by Scott Matthew


Ruined Heart (Rocksteady)
Performed by Bing Austria


Coeur ruine
Performed by Stereo Total


ako ang daigdig
Performed by Khavn